Monday, November 21, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Collection!

It is officially the Holiday Season! There are a host of different brands coming out with their holiday edition collections, new products, etc. To start off this blog, I've decided to create a series of posts of different brands and their different holiday products.
To kick off this series, I'm going to start with

No matter what anyone has to say about Kylie as a person, she's a genius in terms of makeup, packaging, marketing, etc.  A lot of makeup lovers were in awe at her birthday collection in August so when it was announced that she'd be coming out with a collection for the holiday's, it caused a lot of excitement in the makeup world. In this collection there are bundles as well as single products. It was initially launched on November 21st, but there will be restocks. Listed are the products included in the Kylie Holiday Collection from most to least expensive.

The Holiday Collection Bundle ($325) 

With this bundle, you get a host of different things:
- Merry Lip Kit
- Vixen Lip Kit
- Jolly Gloss
- Naughty Gloss
- Dancer Metal
- Creme Eyeshadows (3)
- Mini Matte Lipstick Set
- Kyshadow Palette (Holiday Edition)
- Kyliner
- Makeup Bag (Limited Edition)
- Full sized Lip Set (2 glosses, 2 mattes)

The Holiday Box ($290)

This bundle is a little less, but still comes with a good amount of products:

- 8 Matte Liquid Lipsticks
- 2 Glosses
- Kyshadow Palette (Holiday Edition)
- Kyliner
- Creme Eyeshadows (3) 

The Merry & Vixen Bundles ($180)

The next two sets available for purchase are the Merry and Vixen sets.  These sets ultimately come with the same products and the only different between them being the ornaments that come with them(which are also lipsticks). 
- Makeup Bag
- Metal
- Gloss
- Lip Kit 
- Mini Matte Lipstick Set
- Creme Eyeshadow
- Kyshadow Palette

Full-Sized 4-Piece Holiday Kit ($45)
Similar to the KoKo Kollection released a few weeks ago, this set is strictly lips:

- Matte Liquid Lipsticks (2)
  • Angel
  • Blitzen

- Glosses (2) 
  • Cupid
  • Noel
The Kyshadow Palette - Holiday Edition ($42)

Kylie's palettes have been the topic of conversation for a long time. After the Bronze palette, she came back with
the Burgundy palette and now the Holiday edition palette. This palette is beautiful and has 9 shades just like the other ones. 4 mattes and 5 shimmers. Colors include:
- Sugar Cookie (matte)
- Frosty (metallic)
- Chestnut (matte)
- Mittens (metallic)
- Winter (metallic) 
- Nutcracker (metallic)
- Gingerbread (metallic) 
- Evergreen (matte)
- Silent Night (matte)

Mini Matte Lipstick Set ($36)
This set, similar to the one released for her birthday, has 6 mini versions of her favorite shades. These shades include:
  • Moon
  • Ginger
  • Kristen
  • Angel
  • Love Bite
  • Vixen

Makeup Bag ($36)
As stated before, the holiday collection mimics the collection released for Kylie's birthday. 
Just like then, she has now released a makeup bag to put all your favorite Kylie collectibles in. 

Kylie Lip Kits ($30)
The product that started it all! The famous Kylie lip kits. This go-around she released two lip kits that go perfect for the holiday season. These kits include the pencil lip liner and the liquid lipstick. 
  • Merry
  • Vixen

Kyliner Set ($26)
The kyliner has been released in a few shades prior to this one. These shades include brown and black. For the holiday exclusive , the kyliner has been released in white, but it's called "Snow". It comes with a pencil, gel liner and a brush to apply it with. 

Metal Lipstick
Kylie released the metal addition to her kits and had some pretty shades. This go around, she released one shade for the holidays.
  • Dancer 

The most inexpensive items on Kylie's site and in the collection are the glosses.
  • Jolly (described as a blackened burgundy)
  • Naughty (true bright red)

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