Sunday, December 4, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics 2016 Holiday Palette Review & Dupes

A few weeks ago, Kylie shut down the makeup world by releasing her 2016 Holiday Collection full of lip kits, her first set of brushes, glosses and more. As someone who has been watching and debating on buying more Kylie Cosmetics, I was very interested in this collection. More specifically what caught my eye was the eyeshadow palette. Before I had this palette, the only Kylie product I owned was the Burgundy Palette. That palette was literally amazing; from color payoff, to shade choices, to pigmentation. It quickly became one of my favorite palettes.

Packaging & Overall Look
What caught my eye about this Holiday palette is initially the packaging. Kylie's packaging is usually really pretty, but this palette is metallic. It also has a mirror, unlike the two palettes that were released prior to this one. The overall look of the palette is nice, but I still wish the shade names were under or below the actual pans instead of on the back. I also like that she added a mirror to this one unlike the other two. It's a good size mirror as well. In terms of packaging, this palette definitely gets an A+.

Shade Choices
When first looking at this palette, it's easy to tell that it's for the Holiday's. There are 9 shades total and all of them are very cool and Winter-themed. Of the 9 shades; 5 are shimmers and 4 are matte.
On the official Kylie site, there are descriptions to go along with each shade:
Sugar Cookie (warm nude) - Matte
Frosty (platinum silver) - Metallic
Chestnut (dusty mauve) - Matte
Mittens (deep mahogany/red) - Metallic
Winter (denim blue) - Metallic
Nutcracker (silvery plum) - Metallic
Gingerbread (silver bronze) - Metallic
Evergreen (teal green) - Matte
Silent Night (blackened plum) - Matte

                                                          Swatches & Final Review
(with flash)
(without flash)
All and all, this is a beautiful palette. It's perfect going into the winter and the holiday season. I'm very picky about the mattes I blend before adding my shimmers, so I may dip into other palettes to pair with the shimmers, but I'll definitely make use out of all the colors in this palette. In the Burgundy palette, the colors blended super easy and were really creamy. In this palette, a few of the mattes felt kind of chalky, but it's nothing you can't work with. Some of the colors have to be built up on me because I have deeper skin, but they all are beautiful colors. If you're like me and love eyeshadows, this could definitely be a must have for the holiday season.

The Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Palette retails for $42 and can be purchased separately from the Holiday Collection.

TIP: If you want to create a custom palette similar to this, you can purchase singles and dupe it out. If you're like me and buy whole palettes for a few colors IN them, just buy singles which are kind of like it to achieve the same look you're going for. Nothing wrong with wanting to save a little coin!
*These are not perfect dupes, just an idea if you wanted something similar.*

Sugar Cookie = Makeup Geek x Confection ($6)
Frosty = Colourpop x Liberty ($5)
Chestnut = Makeup Geek x Unexpected ($6)
Mittens = Anastasia Beverly Hills x Red Earth ($12)
Winter = Anastasia Beverly Hills x Prussian ($12)
Nutcracker = Makeup Geek x Toxic ($6)
Gingerbread = Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amber ($12)
Evergreen = L'oreal x Green Promenade ($5.99)
Silent Night = Anastasia Beverly Hills x Deep Plum ($12)

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