Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Beauty Blender vs. Real Techniques Sponge

A $20 sponge and a $5 sponge. Which one is better?
There are some makeup artists who swear by the Beauty Blender. They say it's completely worth the money and there is NO other sponge on the market that can measure up to it. There are some people who swear by the Real Techniques Sponge. They think it does the same thing and is just as good, for less. I was the one that was like "nope.. not paying $20 for a sponge." So which one is really better? Which one lasts longer? I broke down and bought a real Beauty Blender not too long ago and have went back and forth using it and my real techniques sponge to compare them.

*These are my opinions. You still may prefer one over the other & that's ok. Do what you do, babe.*

In terms of the shape of both of these sponges, there's a clear difference. The RT sponge has a flat edge on the bottom of it while the BB is rounded and more fat on the bottom. In terms of applying foundation (which is what I use those sides for), I prefer the shape of the RT sponge. The flat edge covers better in my opinion and just makes it easier to get the foundation on. In terms of the pointed edge, there quite similar to be honest and there isn't much of a difference in them. The only thing I can say is that the BB has a more rounded point while the RT sponge's point is well.. pointy.

The size of these two sponges are about the same. Once you dampen them, they both get bigger. The only thing to be noted is that the BB sponge gets bigger than the RT sponge after being wet. They're both relatively small though so there isn't anything too different regarding the size of them.

When using these very different brushes, there's a noticeable difference in how they feel. They're both sponges so they're pretty soft, but the BB is SO much more soft than the RT sponge. Prior to getting them damp, you can't really tell.. but AFTER?! Oh man ... after the BB sponge is wet, it's literally so soft and just bounces right on the skin so nicely.

You can use these sponges for a host of different things with makeup application. How you use it really depends on you and the look you're going for.  With regular cleaning and proper storage, the sponges can be kept for months at a time. Of course nothing feels as good as a brand new makeup sponge, but with regular cleaning it works just as good. CLEANING SHOULD TAKE PLACE AFTER EVERY USE. You don't want the sponge to get nasty. That'll lead to breakouts on your skin.

Sometimes when you wash the sponges, it's almost impossible to get them completely clean and stain free. The one thing I like about the BB sponge, is the fact that it comes in different colors. With the RT sponge, the only color is orange. So with my dark brown products, it's almost like once I get it on it.. I know it'll never be completely clean again. I have the original BB, which is pink, and one in black. I prefer the black one because it comes clean way easier. It looks brand new after washing, which is what I like.

Other Products
Under these two brands, being Real Techniques and Beauty Blender, there are variations to the original sponges from each. The RT sponge has mini versions of it
as well as differently shaped variations of it. The BB has different family members too like the mini or micro mini as well.

Some people only like the RT sponge, some will only like the BB sponge. Some won't like either. Some will go back and forth between them like I have a tendency to do. Regardless of what your preference is, as long as you're blending and popping.. then you're good! The BB sponge retails for $20 and can be found at Sephora, Macy's and Beauty Blender's official website. The RT sponge retails for about $5.99 and can be found at ULTA, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc.

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