Monday, January 9, 2017

Brands on the rise in 2017

2016 was a very powerful year, especially in the world of makeup. From the various products and new emerging trends such as glitter tears, many brands made their mark. There are several brands that I've watched from some point in 2016 and seen their amazing products, used them, hoped to or something of that nature.

Beauty Bakerie -  If you've seen those videos on twitter and instagram of swatches on someone's arm and them running their arm under water and seeing the swatches not come off, then you're looking at Beauty Bakerie's creations. They have amazing matte liquid lipsticks that don't budge. Not for water, spit or anything. I haven't personally tried these lipsticks yet, but I hope to. Influencers like Jackie Aina and Allyiah's Face, just to name a few, use them for some of their looks as well. Aside from having these amazing mattes, they have an array of cool products. From their packaging and theme to the quality of the products, Beauty Bakerie is a brand to definitely look out for in the new year. I see them taking over the world of liquid mattes very quickly.

Juvia's Place - When I was first introduced to this brand it was by Alissa Ashley. I loved everything the brand stood for. Also, from the packaging to the actual shadows I was impressed. Once I received mine, I fell even more in love. The shades were amazingly pigmented and show up AMAZINGLY on darker skin. At the time, there were only two palettes. Now, there are 3 and more are said to be in the works. The shade range is amazing, pricing is very good and the size of the pans themselves versus the price are very efficient and work together very well. This brand is definitely on a come up because they just keep growing and growing and continue producing products that are eye-catching and that measure up when in use.

Violet Voss - I learned of Violet Voss from a few of my favorite influencers on Instagram such as
Skye Asyianbi. The product that caught my eye was the Holy Grail palette. Literally it's my favorite palette that I own. Since then, the palette has went out of stock and come back with new packaging and the same loved shades. Aside from having this amazing palette, there is also a collaboration with Laura Lee where they created another palette. Violet Voss also sells falsies, glitter and the new silicone sponge. Violet Voss is already a well known brand, but in the new year I definitely see them getting bigger as far as customers and product expansion. There are already pictures on their instagram account which show a new palette expected to be released very soon. The "Ride or Die" palette and literally it looks incredible. There are 42 shadows in this palette that are a variety of colors and themes. You have warm tones, cool tones, shimmers and mattes. This palette, I expect, will sell out quite quickly. Especially considering the price being $68. Less than $70 for 42 shadows is really good. Violet Voss is definitely going to be a brand to keep an eye on in 2017 because they're taking the eyeshadow game especially by storm.

Certifeye - From their amazing glitters to the most adorable brushes ever, Certifeye has quickly
become a lot of people's new favorites. The glitters they sell are colors that aren't really typical and they come in the cutest little packaging. They're also very inexpensive. Their brushes are the cutest ever and come in a set with multicolored handles. Another major point in this companies favor are the lashes they sell. Influencers on their PR list often rave about them and how amazing they look. In the coming year, it would be smart to keep an eye on this brand because they're definitely going to make their mark. People are moving away from one color glitter looks and Certifeye has exactly what makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts are looking for with different colors in glitters.

Anastasia Beverly Hills - A brand that has quickly become everyone's favorite. From their amazing
brow products, to their foundation sticks and glow kits, ABH is a brand to definitely keep an eye on. 2016 was without a doubt their year. They quickly took over and everyone was and still is watching to see what they do next. Currently, there is a new campaign featuring Patrick Starrr. No one knows exactly what the product that's next to be released will be, but word is that we'll known fairly soon. ABH as a brand is on the rise and their takeover is to be expected.

Kylie Cosmetics - Of majority of makeup brands, Kylie Cosmetics faced a lot of slander. Besides
Jeffree Star of course. Aside from the minor setbacks, Kylie Cosmetics got on the scene and did exactly what they were supposed to do and more. Their iconic Holiday and Birthday bundles were amazing. They also handled issues with customers and their shipping rates offering free shipping on orders of $40 or more in the US. During the Holiday season especially, there were a lot of good promotions such as free stockings, lip kits, glosses, etc to accompany the purchases customers were making. By introducing new products for makeup lovers of all type, Kylie Cosmetics is keeping customers interested and awaiting more. New palettes, new lip kits as well as accessories such as brushes, mirrors in palettes, etc.

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