Monday, January 30, 2017

The BEST Lashes for Glasses

If you're like me and wear glasses for class, work, reading, driving, etc. and still like wearing lashes and being glam, then you probably run into the issue of your lashes rubbing up against your lens. That's one of the most annoying things that can happen to be honest. It's just so annoying and I for one, hate it. This means I'm always on the hunt for good lashes that have a good band, for one. Also, I'm looking for lashes that are glam, natural, etc. and aren't too long that they're causing irritation. It isn't as easy as buying "short" or "medium" lashes. Sometimes, I want a dramatic lash that isn't too much for my glasses. I've composed a list of my favorite lashes that work well for my guys and gals who wear glasses.

1) Eylure No. 117 
These lashes are natural and give that simple look, but still add flare and style to your eyes. It makes mine look more open and bigger because I have the tiniest little eyes. These are the lashes that I reach for in terms of class and an everyday look.

2) Eylure No. 143 
I tried these lashes for the first time on Christmas Day (2016). I fell in love and used these for 2 weeks straight (clean ones of course!) They're so dramatic and full. They give that fluffy look to your eyes without doing too much. Whenever I wear glasses, they make it so my eyes and lashes are still able to be seen very well and they aren't bumping up against my lens.

3) Kiss Lashes
These lashes have a lot of different counterparts and branches with them, but they look so amazing. I honestly haven't tried lashes from Kiss that I haven't liked. Their individuals are really nice too. Their strips in particular are so full and really make your eyes stand out. I like these with my glasses because the ends aren't cut so that they're like dull. They're cut angled so you still get that look you're shooting for with the ends without it being too pointy.

4) Ardell
Ardell lashes are the lashes that most people start out using. They certainly were the ones I started out with because they were inexpensive and ultimately helped me learn how to apply them. Now that I'm better at it, I still love these lashes. They come in so many different styles and lengths. I love the way they fit and never mess with my glasses.

5) Vegas Nay x Eylure 
The Vegas Nay lashes are amazing. I love the Grand Glamour, Shining Star & Classic Charm styles. The band is not the most comfortable, but they look amazing. They also don't mess with my glasses which I love because they're so dramatic and big, but not to the point where I can't deal with them.

Lashes To Try:
I have had my eye on a few lashes and haven't had the chance to try them, but i definitely want to especially with my glasses on. The ultimate test to see if I like a lash is truly depending on how they function with and without my glasses.
KoKo Lashes

Violet Voss
Makeup Shack

Lilly Lashes


All of these lashes come in a variety of sizes and shapes which makes me want to try them out in terms of my glasses. I've heard rave reviews about these and hopefully I will soon be trying them out! What are your favorite lashes? Do you wear glasses and struggle with good lashes? Where do you get your lashes from?

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