Monday, February 13, 2017

Black Owned Businesses

This is my first post that is going to be towards fashion, art and lifestyle stuff. I was wondering for a long time what way to incorporate fashion into my makeup blogging. I want this to be a blog everybody can get into in one way or another. With this, I decided to include some smaller businesses that are owned by black people! People who inspire me and who are on their grind.

The Retell Closet - created by Lindsay Alyssa (Detroit, MI), this brand is popping ok? I know the genius behind the brand personally and has witnessed her growth. The products get better and better every time she creates something new. From intimates, to the "my husband is filthy rich" robes, there's something for everyone in every size.

Sunny Studios, Lash Land & Bonjour Bundles - all created by Paris Heelton (Chicago, IL). These brands are all affordable and she often
has deals. The products are sold with the customer in mind most definitely. If you're going to buy sunglasses (men and women), chokers, lashes and bundles -- why not get them from the same place? It'll make your life easier and you'll be popping.

Legendary Rootz -  (Phoenix, AZ) a black owned business whose shirts will leave you in awe. They
have some really cool sayings that really pertain to black people. They have positivity and are spreading that with their shirts. They have everything from bomber jackets and crop tops to short and long sleeved tee's.

Cased Up - (Orlando, FL) this company is black owned and sells phone cases. They're the ones that are super animated and cute. Everyone can find something they like on their site. The best part is that they aren't like Amazon so it's super hard
to get in contact with them. They interact with their customers through their social handles and sell good quality products.

Korrine Sky Intimates - started by girl boss Korrine Sky, this brand is all about embracing the inner sexy. This company sells the hottest lingerie, swim attire and pajama sets. These outfits are sure to
have you feeling confident and sexy because they have things to fit everyone.

Baditude the Label - All things for the girl boss we all aspire to be. There are chokers and makeup
hats that are perfect for any girly girl. Started by a Fashion graduate named Kristen, this brand is her baby and represents her style and what she ultimately wants to do one day which is have her own fashion line. I started following this brand on Twitter a few months ago and I fell in love. I want to rep this brand so much! Everything is handmade and made with love.

               Pronto Clothing - (Detroit, MI) I know this designer personally as well and I'm so proud to say I've witnessed their growth. This brand is so positive and stands for so many good things. When I got my hands on my first shirt from there I was hooked. I even have saved it for black history month so show off my black excellence.

Jayla Originals - (Lansing, MI) This is another artist that I know very well. She blew up this year with her talent and I couldn't be more proud. She creates handmade pictures that look amazing. They're extremely detailed and look unreal. I let her draw my grandma's Christmas gift and I beat all my cousins. There's nothing I've seen that Jayla can't draw. She's amazing and only getting better.

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