Monday, February 6, 2017

Black Owned Makeup Brands!

Happy Black History Month!

It's extremely important to recognize the significance of February in terms of Black History. 
With this, I plan on doing some posts that are specific to Black History Month and that shine a light on things that may not have been known.

To kick off Black History Month on my blog, I'm going to recognize some brands that are black owned. These brands have created amazing products and are continuing to flourish. Sometimes, these brands don't have enough light shined on them due to the fact that they're black owned they don't get as much attention as the bigger brands.

Juvia's Place - owned by Chichi Eburu, Juvia's Place is a brand that takes us straight to Africa and gives us all the vibes. From their beautifully pigmented eyeshadows to their color choices and affordability in their palettes, Juvia's Place is a brand that everyone needs to try because if it's not in your life... what are you doing?

Beauty Bakerie - this company came out of nowhere and took the liquid lipstick game by storm ok! These liquid lipsticks are said to be the best out. The colors are amazing and look good on a variety of skintones. On top of that, they're life proof. Once you put it on, it's going to last and you're going to be slaying all day long. The company is owned by Cashmere Nicole.

Ka'Oir Cosmetics - You may know Keyshia Ka'Oir as Gucci Mane's beautiful fiancee. What you may not know is that she has a popping cosmetic brand that stands out and has something for everyone. The lip colors stand out so much. Especially the Glitzstick collection. Keyshia wore these and shut the internet down.

The Lip Bar - Coming straight from Detroit, MI, the Lip Bar has faced a lot to get to where they are. After being shut down on ABC's Shark Tank, owner Melissa Butler took her business to the next level. They're cruelty free and are now available to be purchased at

Coloured Raine - Started by an innovator named Lorraine, Colored Raine is a brand that's extremely fresh and fun. It provides customers with bold choices to boost any makeup lovers self esteem and introduce them to wearing colored lip colors.

ImanModel Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid started her own cosmetics like in 1994. Despite her having lighter skin, Iman has made sure to include a host of shade ranges for those who are more fair and those who have deep dark skin. Her products are affordable and found in the drugstore, but have impeccable quality.

Sacha Cosmetics - I learned of Sacha cosmetics from Jackie Aina. I was new into makeup and was looking into setting powders. I ordered this product because it looked amazing on dark skin. Once finding out the company was black owned, it made me even more excited to order things from them. It was an amazing. The products have such good quality and honestly work for all skin tones. This brand is owned by Kama Maharaj and continues to flourish.

Bahi Cosmetics - Owned by Danielle Bahi, this is a black owned
brand that cruelty free and vegan. The products are so cute and I've heard they perform really well. The brand is constantly posting new products and things that interact and connect with their audience.

For the month of February, I challenge everyone to do the BOMB challenge that was made popular on YouTube by Jackie Aina and Alissa Ashley. This is where you do your makeup and use products that are owned by black people only! It definitely won't be easy, but it's a lot of fun to look into different brands and see what works. You never know. You may find your new favorite product!

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