Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Things the Internet made me buy...

This post is a bit different for me. I've been doing a lot of binge shopping lately. I've been buying things that I've seen MUE/MUA talk about or really love on their platforms. This is like a first impressions type blog post, with a review in there too and will be answering on if I think it was worth the price or not.

This includes an array of different products that are high and low end and can be found at ULTA, Sephora and online. Everything will be linked and will take you directly to the site for purchase.

1) Tarte Shape Tape
I was so skeptical of buying this concealer. I saw so many Youtubers and people on Twitter/Instagram raving about this product. I've been to ULTA many times and the shades were always too light for me. I went back recently and saw they had my shade. I decided to give into the pressure and buy it. I bought it in the same shade as my Too Faced Born This Way concealer which is "deep". I was super excited to use it and did the first day I did my makeup following the purchase. Honestly, it is really good.. but I wouldn't say it's my fav. The applicator is nice and big so I
don't have to dip it back in the tube before doing the other eye and there's enough coverage to cover a murder uppppp girl. It's to die for seriously. The only thing I would say I didn't really like about it was how thick it was. It isn't too thick, but it is thicker than some of my water based concealers.

2) NYX Contour Palette
I've been some of my Twitter followers rave about this palette. I always hate buying stuff like this because I have deeper skin and it's never dark enough for me. This was surprising. I have to build it up a bit more depending on how deep I want my contour, but it definitely works. I use the yellow shade to set my under eye when I don't want to use a loose powder.

3) Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo
Brow products have been so hard for me to find and stick to. I fell in love with the Colourpop Brow
Pencil, but once I ran out I got annoyed because I wanted something I could run to ULTA/Sephora and buy, not necessarily order and wait for. This is what made me go buy something new. I like the pomade, but sometimes it's too heavy. I started this and fell in love with it. I got the shade "Chocolate" and I use it virtually everyday. It's so light and applies so good. It honestly shapes my brows better than the pomade. Then the two shades in it work better for me because I put the lighter shade in the front of my eyebrows so they aren't too heavy and dark.

4) Kylie Lip Kit
I got my first Kylie Lip around Christmas time. I was so against paying $29 for a lipstick and lip liner. I wanted to find dupes and everything. I got this Kourt K kit as a gift, so I decided to use it. Duh, free makeup. I used it and fell in love. Literally it smells so good and applies so easy. I actually ordered more following that. I only wanted it based off the twitter replies when people said that they were good and the Colourpop dupes were different in formula even though the color was the same. After using them, I agree wholeheartedly.

5) Vanity Planet Spin for Perfect Skin
Lately, I've been so into skin care. I need to get my skin together honey.. seriously. I bought this because I saw my favorite MUE's using it like Tina Halada. This product has changed my life. I see things similar to it for up $100, but I got this one for $30. It's so good. It cleans my skin so well and really has changed my skin care routine.

6) NYC Liquid Eyeliner
Since I started my makeup career, I've pretty much only used the ELF Liquid Liner. I ran out and
started looking for a new one. I kept hearing about how the NYC liner and how great it was so I decided to try it out. Needless to say, it changed my life. The applicator is perfect and it makes the perfect matte black liner. I love it so much it's crazy. I keep hearing that it's being discontinued and I pray that's wrong because I love this stuff. I accidentally bought the pearlized black one on accident and hated it at first bc I didn't know it was the wrong one.. but once I got the right one, life got lit.

What are some products that the internet made you buy? Anything you regret buying? Anything you hope to buy?

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