Wednesday, March 8, 2017


When first learning of Hootsuite, I assumed I knew how social media worked and tried my hardest to be efficient. I would post at specific times and try to copy and paste to send the same tweet over and over. I had no clue that I was doing social media so wrong

In terms of posts and engagement, I was doing things the old fashioned way. When I found Hootsuite, it changed my life.. literally! I engaged in the interactive videos and training quizzes that were set up to educate users on how Hootsuite worked and the way it can positively affect social networking usage.
This program allows users of a brand or company to interact and engage with their audience in a clear and concise way. You can have all the streams and timelines open for multiple platforms at once on this program. 

What stood out the most for me was the scheduled posts. Under this program, I'm able to type out what I want my posts to say and set it to go live at a certain time. I'm able to schedule it minutes, hours and even days in advance. This is extremely helpful because I get busy with school, social and extracurricular activities, so having something to take a bit of the load off helps tremendously. 

The purpose of social media is creating connections with others and expanding networks. Going through the training, the modules provided an explanation as to why users interact with companies the way they do and strategies to increase interaction and growth. 

I'm not going to lie; through the training it was difficult for me. There was a lot of information and terms to remember and put together and it all came at me at once. It wasn't hard information, it was just a lot. When it was time to take the test, I didn't remember everything so I didn't do the best...  but I still passed, so that counts for something. 

I passed the exam portion with a 66%. Now, you only needed 65% so I made it by a thread. I also would like to add that I didn’t pass until my third try. Thankfully, there was an unlimited amount of retakes. This isn’t good and I wish I would’ve done better, but I did go into a bit cocky. I thought I knew everything I needed to simply because I utilize social media for personal and general use. This was definitely not the case and clearly there was a lot more for me to learn. I’d also like to point out that if I would’ve paid more attention I could’ve gotten more out of it. The trainings were aimed at educating users on Hootsuite as a platform and I was looking at it from the social media sites side.

Despite my fumbles, I’m glad I took and went through this program. I have recognized its worth and now see that it is almost essential. Now that I've started using it, I can't imagine not moving forward with it. It helps me now that I am a beauty blogger and I imagine it'll be extremely helpful as I move into my career. My major is Public Relations, so I know it's essential to be savvy in terms of social media. Hootsuite will definitely help me with that and being certified now gives me a leg up in terms of finding jobs and placing me ahead in my field.

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