Sunday, March 12, 2017

Page Aesthetic & Growing Social Handles

Everyone interested in developing some sort of following for their page are always on the hunt for vital information to accomplish this. For different people, there will be different responses for how to better social media handles. Some common themes I've found vary and the information may be subjective but it's things that I've found to work for me as I'm in the process of trying to grow my social media handles. 

  1.  Identifying your niche and/or platform.

  •       Going into blogging/vlogging/influencing, you need to pick a topic to begin branding yourself under. It’s harder for people to get interested in what you’re posting if the topics are all over the place. If that’s your niche still claim it under a subtopic such as “lifestyle.” This gives people an idea of what they’ll be seeing or reading.

          2. Growing an Audience

  •          When making posts, the purpose is to have some sort of interaction with others looking in. You may have expertise in a certain area, or have a topic you want to discuss. It’s important to have followers who enjoy discussing the same or similar topics. This leads to interaction and people who are willing to share these posts with other people, bringing more interactions.

         3. Interactions
  •          Whether it being a large brand, a smaller on-the-rise business, or an individual blogger who’s work you enjoy, build connections. Making useful comments and not just “nice post” can lead people back to your profile and increase your connections. This is not saying to make comments under others posts saying things like “cool, but come check my profile out!” or “I like this, come check out my page!” This creates people who aren’t genuinely interested in your content. It’ll actually make people view you as “that one annoying poster who comments spam on everyone’s stuff” and nobody wants that.

          4. Creating a Page Aesthetic
  •       If you’re serious about branding yourself, your name and your commentary, you have to let others know you’re serious about it as well. This means posting things that aren’t really relative to what you’re going so hard for can take away from the work you do. You could be an amazing blogger/vlogger, but if you’re posting pictures of you passed out at a frat party, it takes away from that. People will be less interested in what you’re doing because they have to sort through posts to find what they’re looking for. It could lead people away from your profile and even worst, it could lead them to not wanting to return.

          5. Consistency
  •          Everybody wants to be successful, but nobody wants to put in the work to make it happen. There are a lot of people in the field on blogging, vlogging and influencing. This doesn’t mean one can’t make it since it’s so many people, it means you have to give people a reason to check out your stuff. If you only post every once in a while or whenever you feel like it, it can make people not want to view your work. Not knowing when to expect posts keeps viewers guessing and that isn’t always a good thing. You want them to guess what you’re going to discuss next, not when you’re going to post next. Being consistent and creating a realistic schedule for yourself and for readers keeps engagement up and can lead to more interactions and connections.

          6. Hashtags
  •          Hashtags are probably the most overlooked part of social media. Not everyone recognizes the
    importance of them and how they can introduce you to an entire new  audience of people. Using hashtags that pertain to your platform can be a stepping stone to having new users visit and hopefully and enjoy your content. Hashtags can be taken out of context though. If you’re a beauty influencer, using hashtags like #AutoShow or #McDonalds isn’t guaranteed to get you any new interactions because it has nothing to do with it. If you use hashtags like #MakeupOfTheDay or #EyebrowsOnFleek, it’ll create that link between you and people who want to see people’s posts about eyebrows or makeup.

Influencing takes a lot of work and in order to grow, you have to give people something to look forward to because at the end of the day, it’s all about sharing posts and creating engagement among you and your audience.  

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