Monday, March 6, 2017

The Best Face Brushes

Not too long ago, I had a post regarding my favorite eye brushes for blending and creating an effortless eye look. This time around, I decided to make a post on my favorite face brushes.

All these makeup people are using random items on their face and honestly, I think it's weird. It's click-bait now and I'm not for it. I'm going to share good brushes to use for your makeup.

The format will be the same as the eye brushes post where I give you all the price, a description of the brushes and what it's used for. Links will also be included that'll take you directly to the site to purchase it.


  • Highlighting Brush $3 - great for making that highlight popppppp.
  • Contouring Brush $4 - can either clean up under contour, or blend it since it's sleek.
  • Powder Brush $6 - holy grail brush! applies all over face powder great, wipes away setting powder and everything.
  • Flawless Face Brush $6 - I love this brush for applying my blush because it's the perfect size.
  • Angled Blush Brush $4 - Even though it's for blush, I prefer using it for contour and setting it with a powder.
  • Ultimate Kabuki Brush $10 - Bronzing/Contouring is really good with this brush. It's dense and a good size for getting all over.

Real Techniques 
- Contour Brush
- Pointed Foundation Brush
- Detailer Brush
- Buffing Brush


  • M581 $13.99 - undereye powder will get swept away flawlessly with this brush.
  • E1 $22.99 - this fluffy face powder brush is good for specific things like contour as well as setting.
  • E33 $14.99 - this is the biggest fan highlighter brush ever and it's bomb. guaranteed your highlight will be popping with this. highlight bling or what?
  • E4 $13.99 - I love this brush for blending together the highlight and blush and contour together so there aren't any harsh lines. 
  • M458 $9.99 - when cleaning under the contour and making everything clean and sharp, this brush is ideal. 
  • M532 $6.99 - my holy grail highlighting brush is this one! it's perfect to me and just stands out.

Wet n' Wild
  • Flat Top Brush $2.99 - this brush blends out foundation like a dream. it's just so pretty I never want to use it. 
  • Fan Brush $2.99 - I'm not even a fan of fan brushes in terms of highlighting, but this one is really nice. It's soft and picks up product really well. 
  • Small Stipple Brush $2.99 - when you wanna blend out concealer without using a sponge, I definitely recommend this brush. It's really soft and honestly gives it the effect that it's with a sponge. 
  • Powder Brush $2.99 - this brush is one of the fluffiest brushes ever. it's so soft and feels so good even on bare skin. I definitely recommend this one too. 

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